Die Pâtisserie in Hamburg

No need to look around to find where hides "Die Pâtisserie" when you enter the Market in La Fabrik.

Let yourself be held by the smell of fresh Viennoiseries as if you were in your home town on a sunday morning aiming to your favorite Boulangerie. 

I met Pierre et Nissa for the first time last week.

What a dynamic and sympathic couple ! They beleive in their products and they put all their heart in them. As a customer, you will see how perfect and how tasty they are. The viennoiseries are puffy, fluffy and have a beautiful golden color.

As for a perfect croissant, when you bite in it, first, you hear and feel the crunchy of it and then the smooth of the inside.

A delight.

To know more about  'DIE PATISSERIE' 

And the open dates of der Markt in der Fabrik



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