The Aeroflorale II

Did you hear about the green expedition which came straight from Nantes and landed in Hambourg for a long week end?


What an amazing machine 

White balloons, steel frame made of old harbor machine, seats taken from antique cars, wood boxes full of plants of all kinds and 15 sky-sailors telling the visitors the secret story of this unusual project.


How does it work?
Thanks to the plants: the balloons and the propellers are powered by the methane from the composting of the embedded plants, electricity is supplied by the energy "photovoltaïc" of other plants, and men eat these same plants to survive during the long flight.

True or false..... it doesn't really matter, this unlikely flying engine makes us think about our environment and perceive our world with new eyes.

More pragmatically, it also tells us how easy it is to plant and take care of vegetables.


An idea for next year thanks to this experiment:

You don't have a garden, but a balcony, no matter how small or large it is, what it's the more importante : it must be sunny at least 6 hours per day.

With a little bit of imagination and the willing to taste your own production of tomatoes, garbage or salade. .... you only need a wooden box, some compost and 1 or 2 plants of what you like the most.


Then, just help the nature and grow your summer vegetable like the Aeroflorale does: with steady care, imagination and love.


If you want to see or know more about it:


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